Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last night I had a dream that I was traveling with my brother on a plane and someone stole my laptop computer. I caught the guy a little while later when he came back for the power supply. The disturbing part was that I chased him down, held him on the floor and tortured him to get him to tell me where it was. I actually broke two of his fingers because he wouldn't tell me. The sound of the bone snapping was very disturbing. Another odd part was that my brother seemed sleepy or sick or something and wouldn't help me go after the guy. This is an odd juxtaposition since I'm usually the anti-violent one in the family and my brother would pounce on someone at the drop of a hat. He almost got arrested a few weeks ago for not leaving the principal's office when he found out his son had been unfairly punished.

Anyway, it is strange how we do things in dreams we would not ever do in real life. I think it is our subconscious' way of screwing with our heads for entertainment value. In my dreams I have: smoked, been pregnant, slept with men, committed murder, tortured and had sex in public. I've also committed lesser sins like cheating, dishonesty and being generally slutty. I guess these things happen to everyone in their dreams and the only time to really be concerned is if when you wake up, it actually sounds appealing to strip down to your boxers and drive to school for that test in the class you kept skipping.

I kinda think last night had something to do with Rachel Maddow saying she would kill Osama Bin Laden with a spoon if she had the chance. Yeah- liberal media is making me bloodthirsty in my dreams. That must be it.

Sweet dreams all.


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