Monday, November 16, 2009

What I do when the phone is not ringing...

My job at the state can be a little slow at times. During these times I usually amuse myself with visiting some web sites. I thought I would share the ones I enjoy most and hope that my cracked sense of what is hilarious does not alter your opinion of me.

Enjoy. Or avoid. Whichever is appropriate.
This one is a very witty woman that writes mainly about lesbians in the entertainment industry, but don't let the description fool you. She is also a pretty effective activist and has made me nod in admiration on more than one occasion.
This one is just delightful in that wry ironic kind of way. Consisting of free items or offers to sell things on Craigslist, it reveals a lot about humanity and allows a glimpse into lives that make us feel so much better about our own.
A comic strip I probably should have started reading years ago because I still don't understand all the characters and how they interact but I still find myself reading it each week to keep up.
It doesn't look like this site is updated much anymore but it is hilarious and wonderfully done. I suggest starting at the last entry and working backwards to the latest. The artist is very talented and his child is a bit scary.
One of my very favorites for the sheer spectacle of it all. The tattoos displayed are not always safe for the workplace but well worth a look in all their disturbed glory.
The name says it all. Disturbing and hilarious.
Twitter-like entries of everyday disasters. Often repulsive, frequently heart-wrenching.
Imagine your past family photos even more embarrassing than you remember. Being judged and mocked by others. Better than therapy.
An addiction spawned by my BFF C.
Best funny cat photo site ever.
I used to go to CNN more but they changed their formatting and it's kinda blah now.
A nice lefty political site.
The most awesome of urban legend de-bunking sites. I visit anytime someone sends me a mass email claiming something I doubt.


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