Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventures in Domesticity

It seems there is an epidemic of normality breaking out in my community. I was watching my TV Girlfriend (Rachel Maddow) the other night and she said there has been a study that found the divorce rate in Massachusetts has actually gone DOWN since gay marriage began in that state. So instead of being the downfall of marriage, there may be a sign that gay marriage has increased the stability of marriage. Interesting...

A lot of my friends are married or engaged now. My friends R & S got married in Canada a year or so ago. My friends D & M are now engaged, my friends H and K are getting married next month and my friends A & S are now expecting a baby. I would be lying if I said that K and I had not discussed these things ourselves. I stubbornly refuse to be the stereotypical u-haul relationship but we are certainly committed and planning a future together. I do however remember with a bit of embarrassment that I was engaged a couple of years ago and that turned out to be a mistake. I'm taking things slowly but the idea of marriage and children has an appeal. The appeal so soon after an engagement disaster has everything to do with finding the right person- and that part is feeling very right.

Anyway, I like the evolution of the modern lesbian. A few years ago when I first went to Michfest I don't remember many children at all on the land. Now the place is teaming with strollers, little children and the big swath of camping where I originally pitched my tent is now designated for 'moms with children'. Nice.

This is not the future I thought I would have to settle for when I came out. I'm glad some things change for the better.


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