Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventures in Normality

Mmm- I do love some smooth sailing.

Life is floating along sweetly for me. It reminds me of when Obama was elected and I could finally let go of all the nervousness and angst that seemed to fill my days.

It is a strange adjustment to not worry when the person I am dating is going to unexpectedly turn nasty, ignore me, tell me they are poly or do something else shocking and disrespectful... Wow- I am pretty floored I tolerated that kind of behavior in the past and somehow thought that was the best I could do. Geez- what the heck was wrong with me? What the heck is wrong with anyone who tolerates bad behavior?

Now my every day reality makes me shake my head and grin as if waking from a bad dream and thinking- "Wow, what was THAT all about?

Makes me wonder what my blog will be about in the future.

I guess I will have to get used to adventures in good times and sweetness and hope the drama and chaos will just be about hijinx of missing flights to Paris or camping in a downpour.

I could get used to that.


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