Monday, May 04, 2009

It's Official

I have a girlfriend.

I certainly wasn't expecting things to progress this quickly but I do know from experience that hesitation in connection usually indicates a lack of passion so here I am- with a girlfriend for the first time in a year and a half.

And what a girlfriend she is! OK, I expect eye-rolling at this point since I keep gushing over her but man-- she is super-cool and groovy.

Yesterday I surprised her by showing up at her church when she was going through her membership ceremony. I ran late arriving and couldn't find her until after I sat in the back of the church. When I finally spotted her in the crowd I had the pleasure of just looking at her for a while before she knew I was there. Have I mentioned she is beautiful? She peered around the crowd and her eyes almost passed me by and then she did a double-take, and looked delightfully surprised. I gave her a smile and a little wave. She looked precious. It was too crowded to sit with her but she did invite me up to take communion with her. Standing there with her getting a blessing from the minister felt wonderful.

Later in the afternoon we met back up and took a bike ride over to the little food trailer park area on S. 1st. After a nosh we sat in a porch swing under a tree and talked for hours. At one point an almost microscopic baby praying mantis fell into her lap and we both marveled at the fascinating sight. We also grew in each other's esteem as we found a safe place for it in the crook of a tree.

The G word was almost an accident. As we talked we discussed my concerns about our age difference. She asked if it was a problem for me. Without thinking I said, "No, but I'm the one with the hot 28 year old girlfriend."

I paused, realizing what I had said.

I then said- "Well, I have spoken the G-word. I guess I should make an honest woman of you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

She said yes without hesitation and I wondered how life could have been so hard before now.

She is kind, gentle, thoughtful and intelligent. She likes my quirky sense of humor, cuddling on the couch and talking for hours. She may be the motivation I need to keep fit. I damn well better to keep up with a 28 year old triathlete! At least she took it easy on me on the bike ride and showed me a sneaky back path over railroad tracks behind a housing complex where we had to carry our bikes in the moonlight.

It is hard to believe this is my reality but I'm grabbing on with everything I have.


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