Monday, April 27, 2009

The Girl is Out There

I'm being cautious and taking things slowly but I am in the process of connecting and deepening a friendship/dating relationship with a woman who fits all my 'perfect world' criteria for a girlfriend. We have been dating a month and have known each other a little longer and it feels marvelous. It seems my many possibilities are sifting down to what may be my treasured destiny.

She's amazing, kind and thoughtful. Affectionate, intelligent, sweet, adorable, dorky, loving, spiritual, generous, and healthy in body and mind. She loves gardening, the outdoors, travel, pets, reading, cuddling and talking about ideas.

Like me, she also loves to stop and stare at unusual things in nature, touch and smell flowers, peer at unusual creatures and gaze in wonder at big twisted trees or how a pattern in bark can look like a face.

I am kinda blown away she also seems to be smitten with me. *Swoon*! I feel calm, joyful and delighted. When we met I thought she was way too cute, cool and awesome to be interested. There is also a bit of an age gap- enough to make me worry if I made a move she would think of me as a creepy 'cougar' or something. This fear kept me from even attempting a hug for several dates. Turns out she doesn't seem to care at all. Instead she curls against my neck and whispers sweet things to me in French.

Oh, and a bit of trivia. A few posts back I wrote about "Hike as a Metaphor for Love". I mentioned losing my hiking group and the fact that they we only found each other when I stopped looking for them. The hiking group leader that rushed up and said they had been looking for me? She is the woman who daily grows in my affection. I wish everyone who seeks it a warm cozy feeling that all is right with the world. At this moment I have it in abundance.


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