Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Embarrassment of Riches

I don't quite understand my reversal of fortunes of late. After going through several months of 'meh', things are turning around.

Maybe it's springtime. Maybe it's karma. Maybe it's a long-overdue pendulum swing. Payoff from Lenten sacrifice? Maybe my favorite fairy Leslie blessed me for giving him a ride. Now I'm giggling. It is quite possible that it is the result of banishing the negativity in my life and allowing positive things to flow into that space. I feel positively giddy and reborn.

Anyway, everything from a great refinance rate, a generous tax rebate, loving and supportive friends and some fantastic romantic possibilities- things are definitely looking sunny on my side of the street.

Now my biggest problem? Trying to decide between 3 or 4 different people- all of which are centered, mature, attractive, positive and appealing. I'd like to continue to get to know all of them in a friendly and organic way. I'm intentionally avoiding kissing any of them because that is the line which, when crossed, creates a decision-making process involving further intimacy, exclusivity, future intentions...

I'm going about the dating thing differently this time. Before now I have always been very specific, such as "I am asking you on a date." Now it is more like- let's hang out. Let's go for a hike. Let's catch a show with some friends. It smacks of that annoying "Are we dating or are we friends?" place I don't enjoy. However, it does allow a more relaxed environment for getting to really admire someone before heavy flirtation and hormones cloud judgement and change personalities. With at least two women I'm 'hanging out' with, we have established there is an attraction, but they are both shy and have not made a romantic move, and I seem to be avoiding it also. I'm not sure how long I can continue this since I've seen both of them several times but I like the kind of shy dance we seem to do. For this day I am a happy bachelor, swimming in the delights of possibilities, staring with wonder at the abundance of gifts that remain unopened.


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