Friday, September 04, 2009

Long time gone, I know...

Yes, it's been a while since I've written. I sometimes forget that people do actually read this on occasion. I'll give you the 50-cent update on my activities for the month of August.

First, K and I went to Michfest! Yay! It was wonderful. We actually drove, which was a bit insane but we had a nice time and it allowed us to visit my folks and also my ex R, who let us crash at her aunti-house in Chicago southside. Michfest itself was wonderful and I got out of my cranky travel mood very soon after we arrived. We did workshops, saw wonderful music, camped in the cool weather, saw movies, ate VERY healthy food and generally had a blast.

Shockingly enough, K and I had such a lovely time traveling across the country we decided to take another road trip last week. A very last minute trip to New Orleans. Again, I was a cranky traveler but cheered up once we arrived in the Big Easy. We stayed at a funky little hotel in the Garden District I highly recommend (Prytania Park Hotel) and spent our days wandering about the quarter being tourists. I also got to reconnect with my sweet Katrina guest Vincent. He seems to be doing well and his girlfriend is very sweet and generous, albeit a bit jealous and moody. Hard to understand all those things in one person but that is indeed an accurate description. We met Vincent for Pizza at a place called Slice and then bar-hopped the quarter until time for Tribella's show. Oh, yeah- forgot to mention Rae's band played a music fest that weekend which is what prompted our last-minute road trip. Overall, great food, good company, and sweet times were had by all.

Life in general? Quite good. My brother is leveling out with his health issues and seems to be slowly improving. He may come to the Heart Hospital here in Austin next month for a workup.
K is her usual fab self. We are coming up on 6 months together and I wake up every day ridiculously happy and thankful she is in my life.
My mama just turned 70 on Wednesday. She seems youthful and well which is quite gratifying. All is well with the world if mama is well.

OK that is pretty much my summer so far. I'll try to fill in a few more details soon. Leave me a comment lovely readers- I'd like to hear from YOU too!


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