Monday, July 13, 2009

Paddlin' in the Summer of Love

Another great adventure on the water yesterday. Our friend E (who is just one of my favorite people ever) suggested we take the kayaks out to this little park on the lake. It is called Selma Hughes park and it was a sweet little hidden treasure. We paddled around and found shallow coves in which to swim that were relatively hydrilla-free. We also passed another sweet little park I'd like to go back and check out again. It had a little inlet cove where we could paddle a good long way before it became kind of weedy and claustrophobic. There were lots of young hippie types jumping off the roof of what looked to be an abandoned shed of some sort. Other than that there were grills, pecan trees and a nice bit of shade. After that little jaunt we paddled back across the river to an a boat dock that was just sitting in the middle of nowhere. No house or trail anywhere close- just a tiny boat dock half a mile from anything that made sense. We pulled our boats up there and sat on the dock, eating E's M&M's and peanut mixture and I found a big batch of wild grapes on which to feast. My sweetie was her usual wonderful self and reminds me every day why I adore her.

I wish we had photos of our day on the lake but here is one of us on J's backyard swing. Swooningly cute, right?


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