Monday, September 21, 2009

Health and Happiness

I had a very lovely weekend. Friday night we went to the Drag King musical and it was delightful. The kings really put a lot more effort than usual into these events and we had a great time. We especially loved the Michael Jackson tribute Thriller Dance and also the Newsies number. The fact that my BFF C was in these pieces might have had a touch to do with it but honestly they really were the most delightful and well done bits of the night. The choreography was impressive and I like the creativity that performing songs from musicals allows. I did, however, reconfirm that I hate microphones as I demonstrated by completely going dumbstruck when the host put one in my face. Horrors!

Saturday was a day full of activity and was quite enjoyable. In the morning we went on a hike with the group and it was great. There were lots of streams criss-crossing our path and the dogs that came along had a blast splashing around in the water and then running back to join us. We had a couple of new hikers this week and everyone seemed to enjoy the outing. I managed to save a little kid from going over a waterfall when he got too close and slipped. He looked pretty terrified but he would have only fallen about 4 feet. I probably only saved him from getting wet and muddy but sometimes its the small things that count.

In the evening I caught up with my good friend R over dinner at the Woodland. Their food is very unusual and tasty and it was great to see my bud. I don't get to see her as much as I used to and in a lot of ways I feel our lives are going in different directions but I'm glad we can still make time to catch up when we have a chance.

Sunday morning K and I drove out to Pace Bend park to watch her mom compete in a triathlon. It's pretty amazing that both mom and daughter love to do athletic things like this. It seemed to endear K's mom to me a bit that I suggested we come out and cheer her on. She and her friend ended up winning their age group! I was very impressed!

While there, K and I were going to put in the kayaks for a while but it seemed hotter and more humid than usual and I felt a greater than average sensitivity to the heat and begged off for a more mild day. We then instead went to lunch with K's folks which was actually beneficial in a lot of ways. I was able to bond with them a bit and feel a little more comfortable around them. Also since K's mom had just run a triathlon we were not at a loss for topics of discussion.

Later that afternoon I made a pie and some other goodies and we went to a pot luck at my friend D's house. We had a great time socializing and finally managed to get a couple of doctor friends of ours in the same room to meet. Can't swear anything will happen between them but at least they had common things to discuss.

I also found out that D and M have chosen a wedding date! March 13th. And... D asked me to be her best woman! I'm very excited! This will be the 3rd time I've been a best woman at a wedding. The other 2 were pretty low-maintenance but I think I'll have my hands full with D. She has a tendency to get a bit frazzled under pressure so I think at some point in the day I will schedule her for a massage to relax a bit so she doesn't just freak out and start running wildly about like a trapped deer. I have to admit it is a little surreal to be asked to stand up at the wedding of my good friend to my ex, but I couldn't have chosen a better match if I did it myself. Oh wait! I DID! :)

Oh, one more bit of news for the day. An ex of mine that I like to call the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, or GOCYTC, has had another breakup of a short-lived relationship. I noticed this from her request for support from her friends via Facebook page. I felt as the supportive ex I try to be, I posted some words of encouragement for her. She deleted my comment and in turn responded in typical GOCYTC fashion, which included finding a way to be a jerk to me for the umpteenth time. I finally had enough and decided to let her know it. I wrote and told her that I had tolerated her snippy remarks and anger in the past, thinking I just needed a thicker skin around her. I also pointed out that although I consistently made an effort to write encouraging things to her or show support, she was not reciprocal in this regard. I told her I had had enough, that I wished her well and hoped this letter would not be taken as an opportunity to unleash on me once again. I then deleted her from my friend list. Bleah. I have had a long and frustrating history with this woman and it is only a slight comfort to see she implodes on just about everyone in her world eventually-- especially anyone who has dated her. I have to remind myself that is about as classic BPD as anyone can get and that kind of person is just a toxic time bomb. I do feel sorry for her though-- and I feel sorry for any mental illness that separates people from real connections in life. I just need to remind myself that in order to keep myself safe and sane, I need to leave that kind of disfunction alone. So long C- back to the universe for help and healing. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts an prayers and hope someday you get the insight you need to move forward.


*Note to my tiny band of readers: This blog is not visible to the person I spoke about above and my message to her was more of message to the universe and a reminder to myself to make healthy choices in my life.


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